Embroidery: A Quick Guide

There some forms of craftsmanship that is under appreciated by many people. A good example of such kind of craftsmanship is embroidery . Sure, if you told someone that you work in the auto motive industry developing car engines then you would be given utmost respect for what you do. But on the other hand, if you told people that you deal with embroidery then be sure to find most that will look down upon your work. What these folks fail to realize, is that without embroidery they would miss the joys of having nice flashy dressing and even the most expensive automobiles use this craft to perfect on their products.

Embroidery is the art of forming decorative designs with fabrics or other materials with hand or machine needle work. This is a craft that has transcended generations upon generations. In fact, there is evidence that in some parts of the world, the art was practiced as far as the 3rd century BC. The surprising fact though is that most of these early forms of embroidery still exist today and are in fact preferred by the wealthy to display class. They find that there was some fine accomplishment of high quality in those early times.

There several occasions that embroidery has been confused with another art known as monogramming. These two are very different things all together even though they are very closely related. A monogram is a design consisting of a single or two letters combined or interlaced, commonly initials for someone or some brand often printed on stationery or embroidered on clothing. So, embroidery is used in the art of monogramming.

These two arts, embroidery and monograming , have become a great way of adding some personalization on gifts such as caps, t-shirts or professional accessories. Embroidered gifts have even become very common in weddings as they make the recipients feel special by connecting to the direct customization.

The many uses of embroidery have made it a cutthroat business. This is even in a case like in the country of Columbia. You will find some fine art in this kind of environment where every participant of the art in looking to be the best in the market. When an art like this can put a country on the world's map as one of the best then it becomes a win to those participating in the art, the citizens and even to customers wishing to be associated with the uniqueness of the art.